What Are Pay Per Call Networks?

Pay per call networks generate leads for businesses who sell products or services over the phone. They use tracking numbers that are inserted into online or print marketing materials. These numbers are then used to track, measure, and monetize calls.

Palo is one of the few networks that understands how publishers operate and they have offers in a variety of verticals, including home repair, insurance, legal and finance. They also offer a mobile click to call ad option.


Pay-per-lead marketing works best for high-consideration products and services. It is an effective way to generate quality leads by connecting the customer with a live person who can answer their questions. This method has proven to be more profitable than other types of lead generation. Its benefits include a high ROI, and it is easy to measure the success of your campaign.

The best pay per call networks have a streamlined process that allows them to deliver curated lead to their clients in a short time frame. They also provide a dedicated service manager to help their clients get the most out of their campaign. These networks are ideal for a wide range of industries, including automotive, home services, and insurance. They can also be used to generate call leads from online campaigns.

Invoca offers a cost-per-lead program that enables advertisers to track and optimize their campaign. It filters calls based on customer responses to IVR prompts and other call attributes, enabling them to connect with the most interested consumers. Its call tracking and conversational intelligence solutions can also identify which leads are the most valuable.

Lead smart is another popular pay-per-call network in the United States. They offer a variety of call leads for all types of service business, including household services, pet care, mortgage, personal loans, and credit card businesses. The company also provides a convenient filtration system for their partners, which makes it easy to find the perfect call leads for their business.


Cost-per-call is a crucial metric that allows you to see how efficiently your company is running its customer service operations. The metric is calculated by dividing total costs by the number of calls made or received. Although it is an imperfect measure – cheaper is not always better, and customer satisfaction should be taken into account – it can help you understand how to run your business and identify areas of improvement.

Getting your Cost-per-call in check requires accurate and transparent measurement of all call center expenses. Moreover, you need to be able to determine the call type that is most costly. For instance, a sales call may have higher handle times than one asking about the status of an order. Moreover, a sales call is usually generating revenue for your company, which makes it more profitable than a simple request for information.

A few networks specialize in pay-per-call and can offer you a range of attractive offers. For example, ClickDealer is a network that opened its virtual doors back in 2012. They represent advertisers offering pay-per-call campaigns in popular niches like dating, software and vouchers. The network also provides a decent payout, which is above the industry average. RingPartner is another newcomer, opening for business in 2013. They are a niche-specific affiliate network that specializes in call-only campaigns. These include home services, medical, insurance and finance. Their public offer pays $50 for each lead, which is pretty decent.


If you’re looking for a way to earn more revenue from your traffic, pay-per-call networks are a great option. This type of advertising model allows you to generate high-quality inbound calls that convert into sales. As a result, you can increase your revenue and grow your business.

These networks also offer a wide range of different offers for you to promote. Some of these offers include mortgages, home improvement, and auto insurance. Others are geared towards legal services, diet, and education. In addition to generating a higher ROI, pay per call campaigns allow you to focus on evergreen markets for long-term consistency.

Another pay per call network is Trampoline Parts and Supply, which supplies everything you need to build a trampoline, from parts and springs to enclosures and nets. They offer a unique affiliate program with a minimum of $41 in commission for every qualified call.

Another great network to try is ClickDealer, which launched in 2013. They specialize in call-only campaigns, and have a SmartLink tool that analyzes the data of each user’s click, then redirects them to the best performing creative and offer for them. This way, you can maximize your revenue and ensure that each click is delivered to the right call center. ClickDealer’s offers include auto insurance, home services, travel, medicare, and more.


Pay per call networks are affiliate network services that connect influencers u0026amp; lead providers with businesses around the world. They generate inbound calls using a combination of in-house teams and thousands of marketing partners. Their main industries include Mass Tort, Rehab, Medicare & Health Insurance, Personal Injury, Debt Settlement, Auto Accidents, Flight Booking and more. There are several popular pay per call networks, including CJ (Commission Junction) and DOPPCALL.

Cost-per-action (CPA) is an online advertising measurement and pricing model that refers to a specific action, such as a sale or click. It is often misconstrued as customer acquisition cost (CAC), although it should be used in conjunction with customer lifetime value to assess a business’s overall profitability.